Iveragh mart in Co Kerry is famous for the quality of cattle that the mart attracts.

Last Tuesday was no exception with almost 400 top quality weanlings moving through the ring at the mart’s special show and sale of weanlings.

A number of heavy bullocks were also entered into the sale and it was on of these bullocks, an October 2021 born Charolais bullock weighing 830kg that topped the sale at €2,500. Live exporters dominated the trade with most good quality weanlings crossing the €3.30/kg mark.

This October-2021 born Charolais bullock weighed 810kg and sold for €2,500 (€3.09/kg)

This March-2022 born Charolais bullock weighed 765kg an sold for €2,350 (€3.07/kg)

This January-2022 born Charolais bullock weighed 735kg and sold for €2,190 (€2.98/kg)

This June-2023 born Limousin bull weanling weighed 340kg and sold for €1,260 (€3.71/kg)

This May-2023 born Limousin bull weanling weighed 345kg and sold for €1,400 (€4.06/kg)

This May-2023 born Charolais bull weanling weighed 390kg and sold for €1,400 (€3.59/kg)