There were 980 cattle on offer between all classes of stock at Kanturk Mart for its weekly calf sale on Tuesday.

Demand was strong throughout, resulting in an almost 100% clearance rate.

Farmer buyers were anxious for cattle for grass, while factories and finishers drove trade for forward stores and cows.

Close to 200 dry cows went through the ring and trade was red hot for well-fleshed cows.

Save for a few heavy Hereford cows, it was predominantly Friesians on offer and forward ones were passing €2/kg comfortably. A few exceptional lots passed €2.50/kg, with one Friesian cow making €2.84/kg.

At the lower end of trade, cows for further feeding were making between €1.20/kg and €1.40/kg.

Mart manager Seamus O’Keeffe was extremely happy with how proceedings went.

“The cow trade has been cruel altogether. I never thought I’d see the day that a cull cow would be able to replace herself and even have money left over. Everything was on fire.”

Trade for forward stores mirrored that of cows, with a sale-topping price of €2,580 paid for an 862kg three-year-old Hereford-cross bullock.

A share of both bullocks and heifers over 700kg made anywhere from €1,800 to €2,200.

Yearling Friesian bullocks were making anywhere from €1.90/kg to €2.30/kg, while the top end of Herefords and Angus tipped over €3/kg, but most weighing over 300kg sold from there back to €2.50/kg. That applied to both bullocks and heifers.

“Angus and Hereford are the kings around here, whether they’re heifers or bullocks. Now I’m being asked will they make €3/kg by farmers selling,” said Seamus.

“It’s not too long ago when that was, will they make €2/kg? It was an awful long, tough winter in the area, but weather is picking up and you can sense people are in better form.

“We had a good few farmers buying cattle for grass and 51% of all stock sold online this week.”

While things have picked up of late, O’Keeffe has noticed a few changes to trends at the mart: “The overall picture has changed around here. Some people that used to buy 15 or 20 cattle now have their land rented out due to demand because of the derogation changes.”

In pictures

This 10-month-old Charolais-cross heifer weighed 382kg sold for €1090 (€2.85/kg).

This 26 month old Limousin cross bullock weighed 506kg sold for €1440.

This 26 month old Belgian Blue cross heifer weighed 474kg sold for €1290.

This 26 month old Charolais cross heifer weighed 505kg sold for €1240.

This 35 month old hereford heifer weighed 720kg sold for €1970.

This Friesian cull cow weighed 665kg sold for €1320.

This Hereford cull cow weighed 870kg sold for €2125.

This Friesian cull cow weighed 610kg sold for €920.

This 2015-born Friesian cow weighed 590kg sold for €840 (€1.42/kg).

This 14 month old Aberdeen Angus bullock weighed 265kg sold for €680.

This 14 month old Friesian bullock weighed 372kg sold for €780.

This 14 month old Aubrac heifer weighed 310kg sold for €670.

This 14 month old Aberdeen Angus heifer weighed 340kg sold for €810.

This 14 month old Hereford heifer weighed 322kg sold for €820.

This 37-month-old Hereford-cross bullock weighed 862kg sold for €2140 (€2.48/kg).

This 26 month old Limousin cross bullock weighed 550kg sold for €1610.