Opinion: glasshouse repairs are needed before I throw any stones
Pat O'Toole
A clumsy and disappointing pair of factual errors have left me slow to join the pile-on Joe Biden is experiencing, but he is now an outside shot to retain the US presidency.
22 June 2024 Opinion
Opinion: Ryan is leaving, but Martin seems set to stay
In a week of announcements and departures, it seems the Tanaiste is going absolutely nowhere.
17 June 2024 Opinion
Opinion: when opportunity knocks, perhaps you should open the door
Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil seem to have dismissed the prospect of a summer election, but it might be their best chance of being returned to power.
How the European Commission, Parliament and Council work
Pat O'Toole takes a look at the three stools of Brussels - the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers.
2 June 2024 l2
The different parties of the European Parliament
The European Parliament has its own party groupings and an extensive committee structure. Here's a quick guide to its workings.
29 May 2024 l2
Opinion: following in TJ Maher's footsteps is a daunting challenge
The first direct elections to the European Parliament saw TJ Maher dominate the Munster poll, beginning a 15-year career for the former IFA president.
18 May 2024 Opinion
Opinion: takeaways from the IFA hustings
With a dozen contenders at each of the IFA's four European election hustings, Pat O'Toole was left with plenty to ponder.
11 May 2024 Opinion
Opinion: contractors will need understanding when the weather finally arrives
A week in the life of a tillage farmer/journalist that was as varied as the weather.
14 April 2024 Opinion
Opinion: inspections protocol is an important breakthrough
Reading the protocol for farm inspections agreed in Wexford has given Pat O'Toole heart - and flashbacks.
16 March 2024 Opinion
Opinion: the birds are singing a different tune to some politicians
While some would have hedge-cutting contractors believe there should be an extension for hedge trimming into March and August, the birds are whistling a different message for Pat O'Toole.
9 March 2024 Opinion
Opinion: four days can be a long time in the world of farming red tape
The new requirement to report all slurry exports within four days followed within four days of a ministerial commitment to minimise red tape.
2 March 2024 Opinion
Opinion: farmers need the truth, but they also need hope
The presentations by Elaine McGoff and Eddie Burgess were interesting in themselves. Taken together, they present a good range of opinion on exactly where farming and water quality intersect.
24 February 2024 Opinion