Over 32,000 TB reactors removed in year up to June
Noel Bardon
The Department’s TB figures continue to show a worsening of the disease’s trends in herds.
Factories caught with too many TB cattle
A reduction in TB testing on farms is having negative consequences for the local meat trade
TB payment cuts shelved for now
Agriculture Minister Andrew Muir said cuts could not be completely ruled out because DAERA’s budget is 'very constrained'
Farmer Writes: once bitten, twice shy, third time a fool?
There's been little let up in the cold winds this summer, as Tommy Moyles reflects on the challenges they provide and on news from the Netherlands, which could prove challenging for Irish farmers.
10 July 2024 Farmer Writes
News in-brief from Northern Ireland
Kieran Mailey rounds up the news in-brief from across the agri-food industry in NI
3 July 2024 Northern Ireland
Over 90% of TB restricted herds bought in cattle
Minister McConalogue cited the movement of cattle as a prime cause of the continued spread of TB.
3 July 2024 News
TB trends continue in wrong direction
Minister McConalogue confirmed that as of 16 June 2024, the herd incidence of TB had increased to 5.12% compared with 4.62% for the same time last year.
29 June 2024 News
TB skin test can miss individual animals - Department vet
David Quinn, a veterinary inspector at the Department of Agriculture, has put down the rise in TB cases to the expansion of the dairy herd and is optimistic that we might be about to turn a corner.
19 June 2024 News
DUP open to UK/EU veterinary deal
David Wright reports from a pre-election hustings events organised by the UFU.
19 June 2024 Northern Ireland
Over 30,000 TB reactors removed in year up to March
A worsening of reactor numbers and TB herd incidence trends over 2023 shows no sign of abating.
12 June 2024 News
TB compensation remains at 100%
TB reactors are still being paid to 100% of value, but DAERA has warned of imminent budget pressures.
12 June 2024 Northern Ireland
TB solutions will only come with co-operation from every side
The last thing farmers need as bovine TB cases rise is for a blame game to break out among the people tasked with bringing the disease back under control.
12 June 2024 Dealer