174ha of agricultural construction receives planning permission
Martin Merrick
The third quarter of 2023 has seen planning permissions granted rise by 37% when compared with the same period last year.
8 December 2023 News
Weekend weather: unsettled, wet and breezy
Met Éireann has said that the outlook for this weekend will be unsettled, with wet and breezy weather at times, but with above average temperatures.
6 December 2023 Management
Sheep Management: TAMS delays, ACRES catch crops and SIS queries
There is still no real clarity surrounding when farmers who have submitted an application under tranche one of TAMS III can expect to receive approval.
Female farmers locked out of TAMS for three main reasons
Three primary reasons have been supplied by the Department of Agriculture for female farmers being ineligible for the 60% TAMS grant.
6 December 2023 Schemes
Changes to VAT rules 'slash' TAMS grant rate to 24%
The recent changes to non-VAT registered farmers being able to reclaim VAT on certain items has slashed the percentage grant rate that farmers will receive.
6 December 2023 News
Planning failures leave farmers exposed
Monday's Prime Time investigates revealed the extent of dysfunction in Irish planning, and farmers are suffering along with others who need to build.
6 December 2023 Dealer
IFJ Junior: Using solar panels to make energy from sunlight
Solar panels are becoming very common on farms, homes and schools. Stephen Robb explains how they work.
3 December 2023 News
IFJ Junior: what is TAMS and how does it work?
TAMS is a popular grant scheme for farmers to improve their farm facilities. Martin Merrick outlines the ins and outs of what TAMS is and how you can apply.
2 December 2023 Buildings
Decision to scrap VAT rebate on bulk tanks damaging - ICMSA
The level of deliberately undermining decisions now being applied to the dairy farming sector, in which we lead the world, is now a matter of depressing astonishment, Pat McCormack said.
30 November 2023 News
Cement fibre sheeting to battle salty breeze in seaside suckler shed
With the Atlantic Ocean just metres away, cement-fibre sheeting had to be used to prevent corrosion on the Hanrahans’ new suckler shed.
29 November 2023 Buildings
ICMSA slams planning requirement for farm roadways under TAMS
ICMSA deputy president Denis Drennan said the move was totally unnecessary and indicative of a scheme which he described as “shambolic from start to finish”.
28 November 2023 News
IFA calls on Minister to urgently end TAMS uncertainty
Only 200 out of the more than 8,200 tranche one applications have heard word back from the Department of Agriculture, according to the IFA.
27 November 2023 News