Climate and environment
Farmers need clarity on biodiversity aims and supports - ATU researcher
Noel Bardon
The messaging on biodiversity and food production policy aims must be made clear to farmers if they are to buy into environmental schemes, an ATU researcher has said.
15 March 2024 News
Plans unveiled for cutting CAP red tape and reducing inspections
It has been proposed that farmers below 10ha are exempted from CAP inspections, while those above this threshold see fewer on-the-ground inspections as a result of better satellite checks.
What a real native woodland scheme might look like
While the Forestry Programme 2023-27 comes with a new emphasis on native species, a meaningful commitment to our last remaining native woodlands is missing, writes Ray Ó Foghlú.
Brussels proposals 'devoid of logic' – McDonald
The IFA director said that the European Commission is further from the farm than ever before, fuelling farmer frustration.
14 February 2024 News