Redwater cases on the rise in the northwest
Adam Woods
There’s a dense mat of grass on some farms which can be ideal conditions for ticks, a Cavan vet has warned.
30 May 2024 News
Organic scheme balancing payments will be in accounts within days
Over 85% of farmers in the Organic Farming Scheme are receiving their balancing payments this week.
15 May 2024 News
More organic farms needed in east - Department
Cork continues to be the county with the largest number of organic farms.
Schemes payment update: BISS, eco, ANC, SCEP and tillage payments
SCEP payments totalling €4.95m accounted for the highest level of payments this week.
8 March 2024 News
Map: county breakdown of total farm scheme payments in 2023
Cork was the county that received the most amount of money in farm scheme payments last year.
5 March 2024 Schemes
ACRES delays having ‘knock-on effect’ on organic payments
The IFA has urged the Department to consider interim Organic Farming Scheme payments to help relieve the pressure posed by organic payment delays.
29 February 2024 Schemes
Schemes update: over €4m paid under schemes this week
Payments worth €2.59m took place under BISS and CRISS, €1.1m under the Eco Scheme and €0.72m under the Tillage Incentive Scheme.
23 February 2024 Schemes
Outbreaks of TB in cattle herds hit a 10-year high
While TB outbreaks and reactor numbers have increased, so too has the cost of the TB programme - it is now more expensive than ever.
21 February 2024 News
Almost 60,000t of organic feed required for next winter
The predicted demand includes 33,000t of concentrates, 20,000 of straights, 6,000t of protein feed along with 50,000 bales of fodder.
21 February 2024 News
Organic Farming Scheme participants surpass 5,000
There were 1,050 new applications accepted in to the scheme in the latest tranche, bringing the area farmed to 225,000ha.
7 February 2024 News
Organic farming - firm focus needed on feed quality
All farmers need to be conscious of feed quality but with over 2,000 sheep producers now farming organically, there is a growing spotlight on organic feed.
7 February 2024 Grass & feeding
Another 1,050 farmers accepted into Organic Farming Scheme
The total area under conversion or converted to organics stands at around 225,000ha.
7 February 2024 News