Farm Programmes
Tullamore Farm update: first batch of 2024-born lambs drafted
Darren Carty
The 16 March-born lambs, weighing from 42kg to 50kg, were slaughtered on Thursday and generated a sales value of €182.59.
8 June 2024 Animal Health
Remembering the four pillars of sheep health this summer
Keeping on top of health issues swill ensure the thrive of spring-born lambs to ensure a short finish period.
22 May 2024 News
Key practices driving a successful Donegal enterprise
Over 300 farmers flocked to the recent IGA sheep farm walk to get a glimpse of the farming system run by Margaret and Jack Stevenson.
Exploring lower cost fencing options for sheep
An escalation in input prices in recent years has put a greater focus on driving performance from a grass-based system, but some fencing options have also become more costly.
24 April 2024 Infrastructure