Horticulture input costs rise by 40% since 2021
Anne O'Donoghue
The standout issue for horticulture in 2024 is labour costs and it is a key driver of overall input price inflation, according to a new report by Teagasc.
26 January 2024 News
Farming News: factory price gaps, calf slaughtering and labour demand
Our big story this week reveals how the best and worst paying beef factories fared out in 2023.
25 January 2024 News
Greencore revenue dips but sandwich maker sticks to guidance for 2024
Inflation pressure is easing in raw materials, while rising labour costs are a challenge.
It’s not all rosy in the outlook for costs this year
While some prices are falling, a lot of inflation will stick in 2024.
19 January 2024 News
Round roof retrofit ticking the box for calf housing in Cork
Converting an older hay shed into calf accommodation has worked well for dairy farmer Adam Shorten. Martin Merrick reports.
17 January 2024 Calves
Decrease in number of people working in agriculture
Globally, there has been a total decrease in the number of people working in agriculture, resulting in a 30% reduction of agriculture's share of total employment, writes Sarah McIntosh.
24 December 2023 News
Labour issues loom large on NI dairy farms
Dairy farming requires a big input of physical labour. A conference has shed light on the subject and suggested some solutions. Tom Morrow reports.
6 December 2023 Northern Ireland
Dairy Day: 'try to be redundant every two years'
Niall Murphy, who farms in Missouri, USA, was speaking alongside Colin Donnery from FRS and dairy consultant Páidí Kelly at Dairy Day on 23 November.
27 November 2023 News
Dairy Day: labour an area to avoid when it comes to cutting costs
While it's important for dairy farmers to cut costs where they can on their farms, Kilkenny farmer Sean Cummins feels labour is an area that farmers can't afford to skimp on.
23 November 2023 News
Farmer Writes: farming has new quotas
A flick through the CSO publication celebrating Ireland's 50 years in the EU threw up some interesting stats for Tommy Moyles.
15 November 2023 Farmer Writes
Women will be the drivers of positive change in farming - McGuinness
European Commissioner Máiréad McGuinness spoke at Teagasc's EU 50 conference on Friday 27 October which celebrated 50 years of Ireland in the European Union.
1 November 2023 News
Ireland's vegetable sector is a basket case
If steps aren't taken to protect vegetable growers, the sector is vulnerable to the vagaries of weather and yields.
1 November 2023 Dealer