The mighty men of Matehy
The townland of Matehy has a special place in the annals of tug-of-war, writes Shane Lehane.
17 July 2024 Features
Miss Road Frontage
Ann's niece Freya goes outside her comfort zone taking part in the Miss Road Frontage pageant, but she has a plan.
17 July 2024 Ask Miriam
Ask Miriam: 'my ex is bringing his new girlfriend to our friends' wedding'
This week, Miriam hears from a reader who is anxious about meeting her ex with his new girlfriend at an upcoming wedding.
Irish Horse: Half a million Euros of excitement
Helen Sharp begins to garner excitement for the greatest show on Earth.
17 July 2024 News
Katherine O'Leahy: babysitting my second grandchild
Katherine's little grandchild, Peter waited for his bottle while his Granny struggled in his parents new kitchen.
17 July 2024 Katherine O'Leary
Gardening with Mary: pleasing plant combinations
Mary Keenan shares some successful plant pairings from her garden in high summer.
17 July 2024 Gardening
Final countdown for Cork and Clare
It's a privilege to report on the All-Ireland final - but when your own county is involved, objectivity is paramount, writes Denis Hurley
17 July 2024 Sport
Is horse racing a sport or an industry?
As the Galway Races approach, what is the truth around Government financial support for Irish racing?
17 July 2024 Racing & P-2-P
Irish Horse Horsewomen of Ireland: Clash of the Corinthians
Ten out of 13 of the riders in this year’s Corinthian Challenge race at The Curragh are women, Helen Sharp profiles the contenders.
17 July 2024 Racing & P-2-P
Editorial: That phishing text got me hook, line and sinker
If it seems too good to be true, then it’s probably a scam, as Ciara Leahy found out.
17 July 2024 Editorial
‘The UK's approach to dairy systems has more emphasis on indoor systems’
In our new series catching up with the ASA travel bursary students, Darragh Scully from Co Laois speaks about his professional work experience with Lely Atlantic, Birmingham, writes Sarah McIntosh.
17 July 2024 Education
This Palestinian chef is using food for good in Cork
Eman and Izzeddeen Alkarajeh offer home-cooked foods and relaxed hospitality in their cosy Cork eatery, but their hearts are with their friends and family in Palestine, writes Janine Kennedy.
17 July 2024 News