Revenue issues list of eligible items for VAT reclaim
Rachel Donovan
Revenue has updated its guidance on the application of the VAT refund order for flat-rate farmers.
28 April 2024 Infrastructure
Down to earth: setting up and earthing electric fences
Martin Merrick chats to Noel Lynch of Lynch Fencing on how to properly set up a system that works effectively.
How FRS fencing and DURA² helped transform our home and farm
DURA² fencing provided John Paul Bennett and his wife Laura with a durable and environmentally friendly fencing solution for their home and farm.
Exploring lower cost fencing options for sheep
An escalation in input prices in recent years has put a greater focus on driving performance from a grass-based system, but some fencing options have also become more costly.
24 April 2024 Infrastructure
TAMS applications: avoiding the pitfalls when applying
With up to 50% of TAMS applications receiving queries, the DAFM has sought to reduce these by educating agents and farmers on some of the common errors.
3 April 2024 Buildings
Five non-livestock jobs to complete before grazing starts
Before grazing starts on suckler farms, there are a few jobs to tick off first. Outlined are five such tasks.
30 March 2024 Management
Department gives green light for DURA2 posts for TAMS
With the ban on creosote posts in place since last May, one of the alternatives that has emerged recently is Dura2 posts, which visually look similar to creosote-treated posts.
26 March 2024 News
No plans for new land designations
Around 35,000 farmers are currently farming under a designation in Ireland.
6 March 2024 News
Your TAMS questions answered
Martin Merrick sits down with the Department of Agriculture’s TAMS department and reveals the answers to some of the most topical questions within the scheme.
25 February 2024 TAMS
Indian-built electric quad quietly gaining traction in Europe
The Powerland Tachyon is a new player in the world of electric ATVs, and has recently arrived in Ireland. Peter Thomas Keaveney put it through its paces.
21 February 2024 Farm machinery
Grazing infrastructure checks ahead of 2024 season
As calving begins on suckler farms and dairy herds across the country, it’s important to ensure the grazing block is properly set up prior to the grazing season commencing.
27 January 2024 Grass & feeding
Copper oil preservative approved for horse fencing in lieu of banned creosote
Copper oil-treated post and rail fencing is now the recommended treatment for horse post and rail fencing.
6 January 2024 Buildings