Irish beef access to Korea a significant development - Commission
Niamh Murphy
Negotiations by the European Commission to remove local restrictions on EU beef to the Republic of Korea have proved successful, meaning Irish and French beef producers can resume exports.
12 June 2024 News
EPA results don’t bode well for derogation case - Teagasc specialist
The EPA target of river nitrates levels of less than 4mg/l or 8mg/l for high and good-quality water quality are very difficult to attain, according to Teagasc water catchment expert Eddie Burgess.
7 June 2024 News
Public consultation open on review of state aid to agri sector
The changes proposed will help farmers tackle inflationary pressure and high commodity prices, the European Commission has said.
Pork and dairy in China's firing line
There are mounting fears that China will hit back at European agri-produce if the EU imposes increased import duties on Chinese manufactured electric cars.
5 June 2024 News
Dempsey at Large: farmers' protests are having an effect
The world is in disarray with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) effectively sidelined as the United States of America refuses to allow it continue to function.
5 June 2024 Viewpoints
How the European Commission, Parliament and Council work
Pat O'Toole takes a look at the three stools of Brussels - the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers.
2 June 2024 l2
Ireland's grazing systems 'don't work' at low stocking rates, Oireachtas hears
Ireland has the lowest carbon intensity associated with dairy production because its farmers operate "very good, outdoor, grass-based systems", Seán McCarthy from Kerry has said.
1 June 2024 News
European election matters to farmers
Here is your guide to the European elections, and to why you should not only vote, but vote with care and consideration on 7 June.
29 May 2024 l2
INHFA questions intent of Nature Restoration Law opinion poll
Opinion poll conducted in the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Italy and Hungary was designed to put pressure on those countries' governments, INHFA president Vincent Roddy said.
24 May 2024 News
Derogation application to begin by year end
Moves will be made to notify the Commission formally, that a derogation will be sought before the end of 2024.
15 May 2024 News
Greek farmers question their future following flooding
Last September, devastating flooding ripped through Greece’s agricultural heartland. With swathes of crops washed away, Anne O’Donoghue met with farmers trying to get back on their feet.
15 May 2024 Feature
Ireland leads call for Nature Restoration Law to be adopted by EU
The move from Minister for the Environment Eamon Ryan, calling for the law to be passed at the next Environment Council meeting in June, has been supported by 10 other member states.
14 May 2024 News