Remembering the four pillars of sheep health this summer
Martin Merrick
Keeping on top of health issues swill ensure the thrive of spring-born lambs to ensure a short finish period.
5 June 2024 Buildings
Setting up for success with sheep dipping facilities
While being one of the most effective controls of external parasites for sheep, dipping is both a laboursome and dangerous task, though steps can be taken to reduce risks and labour.
Blowfly and tick risk season on the horizon
The inclement weather experienced to date in 2024 has left few farmers thinking about blowfly and tick control but this situation will quickly change.
Later completion dates for hill farmers in new sheep scheme
The INHFA said that where a farmer avails of the later completion date, it will mean their payment under the scheme will not be paid "until the end of December or early January".
3 May 2024 News
Organic farmers eligible for new sheep welfare scheme
There were some concerns from farmers that the actions included would not be amenable to organic farmers but certification bodies have dispelled such fears.
17 April 2024 News
Sheep welfare scheme deadline 'unworkable' - ICSA
The deadline of 15 October for the completion of actions under the scheme does not align with practices on hill sheep farms, the ICSA has said.
11 April 2024 News
New sheep scheme rewards good actions on farms - IFA
The new National Sheep Welfare Scheme is open for applications from 8 April until 21 May.
8 April 2024 News