Health risk from ultra processed foods
Phelim O'Neill
Reports from Lancet Regional Health Europe and WHO both target ultra-processed food as unhealthy.
5 June 2024 News
Green diesel prices back below €1/l
Prices quoted for green diesel across the country have dropped below the €1/l over the past week to lows of 96c/l, Gary Abbott reports.
29 May 2024 Tractors
Screwing up the pump – “Digitally”
Fergal O’Sullivan of MTU Kerry looks into the controversial topic of engine ‘re-mapping’, what it entails and what owners should consider before tweaking the performance of any machines engine.
Dieci refines T80 pivot steer loader
Italian manufacturer, Dieci has revamped its Agri Pivot T80 flagship pivot steer loader, to benefit from a new cab and improved performance.
29 May 2024 News
Productivity increases best way to reduce livestock emissions - Mitloehner
Professor Frank Mitloehner outlined the top measures to reduce emissions from livestock farming globally.
24 May 2024 News
Irish beef is facing global headwinds
The world will want more beef a decade from now, but will it be viable for Irish farmers to compete against Brazilian and Australian producers? Phelim O’Neill reports.
South Korean beef market will present opportunities ‘over time’
Seven beef factories have been approved to export Irish beef to South Korea.
16 May 2024 News
Consumers and investors aren’t buying Beyond Meat
Despite the signals from organisations such as the Olympic committee to move beyond meat, the businesses in that space are struggling.
10 May 2024 News
Just 4% feel diet affects carbon footprint - ERSI report
The report references research stating that red meat is “probably carcinogenic”, as well as advice that red meat be eaten as part of a “healthy balanced diet”.
9 May 2024 News
Beef production down almost 4% in 2023
EU beef production this year is expected to decrease by a further 2.3%.
8 May 2024 News
EU farm inputs 32% above pre-COVID-19 levels
The affordability of fertilisers has been improving as EU fertiliser production continues to recover, the European Commission said.
5 May 2024 News
Livestock - its role in our economy and ecosystems
Professor Frank O’Mara, president of animal task force and director of Teagasc, outlines the role of livestock in our economy and ecosystem.
1 May 2024 Management