Northern Ireland
Cutting out inputs on Ballykelly beef farm
Peter McCann
Jonathan Blair has cut fertiliser and meal out of his farming system. Peter McCann reports.
Rearing 6,500 calves ‘McDonald’s-style’ in UK
Adam Woods visited Long Lane Farm this week, which rears 6,500 calves annually for the Buitelaar Group.
Watch: inside a 6,500-head dairy-beef calf-rearing farm in Somerset
Adam Woods visited Long Lane farm this week, which rears 6,500 calves annually for the Buitelaar group.
Beef Management: shed space, colostrum and lime/fertilsier applications
Adam Woods takes a look at dealing with the current weather conditions, getting enough colostrum into calves and the lime/fertilser/slurry relationships that farmers have to remember.
13 March 2024 Management
Frequently asked questions on calf care
Aidan Brennan attempts to answer some frequently asked questions on calf care and calf health problems.
28 February 2024 Animal Health
Five tips to reducing the risk of calf scour
Calf scour is the main cause of mortality in the first few weeks of life, so keeping on top of hygiene in sheds is important.
24 February 2024 Management
Calf expert sets out ideal heifer-rearing plan
A series of meetings about improving efficiencies on dairy farms was held across Northern Ireland last week.
21 February 2024 Northern Ireland
Five routine management jobs after calving
Once the cow calves, there will be some routine management jobs that need completing.
17 February 2024 Management
Beef Welfare Scheme advice, scour prevention and looking after yourself
Beef editor Adam Woods takes a look at the beef welfare scheme, preventing scour and looking after the 'number one' asset on the farm this spring: yourself.
14 February 2024 Management
Are suckler calves getting enough colostrum?
The first feed of colostrum is crucial for newborn calves, but are animals getting enough?
13 February 2024 Management
10 key principles to optimally utilise colostrum
From providing lambs with a rapid energy boost and natural antibodies to disease colostrum has numerous properties to give lambs the best possible start in life.
10 February 2024 Management
Farmer Writes: calving well under way
Calving kicked off on Padraig Callanan's farm in Abbeyleix in the second week of January.
7 February 2024 Farmer Writes