Northern Ireland
Muir beefs up NIEA enforcement team
David Wright
Savings have been found within DAERA to help fund additional NIEA posts.
Minister refuses to backtrack on net zero
NI Climate Change legislation came into force in 2022 and includes highly ambitious emission reduction targets.
12 June 2024 News
New Zealand scraps plan to tax farm emissions
Legislation will be introduced later this month to remove agriculture, animal processors and fertiliser companies from the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme.
ATU project looks to revolutionalise agricultural practices
The project launched by ATU and Sligo County Council, aims to allow farmers to optimise productivity while minimising carbon emissions.
10 June 2024 News
Clarity on carbon trading needed from the Department
There is a definite absence of certainty around the ownership of carbon credits and the ability to trade them.
5 June 2024 Dealer
Irish emissions reduction stagnates
The latest EPA report tells us that we are not moving fast enough to achieve the level of reduction in emissions that we have legislated for.
ICOS calls on MEP candidates to prioritise ‘chronic shortage’ of young farmers
All institutions in the EU should include farmers and co-operatives in the consultation process relating to files which have a direct impact on farms, ICOS has said.
29 May 2024 News
SRESS challenges viability of farm renewable projects
The tariff rates for the long-awaited SRESS disappointed many in the industry last week, as they fell well below what is needed, writes Stephen Robb
29 May 2024 Renewables
NI ‘unlikely’ to meet renewable targets
Three barriers to meeting climate change targets have been identified by a Westminster committee of MPs
29 May 2024 Northern Ireland
Opportunity for young farmers to become potato farmer for a day
Meade Farm is offering a young farming enthusiast and a friend the opportunity to become a potato farmer for a day, along with an annual family membership to Emerald Park.
27 May 2024 News
Novel market opens up for native forests
People are buying small broadleaf plantations for no reason beyond owning a forest and enjoying it.
26 May 2024 News
Getting farmers talking on climate change
The EPA-funded project will involve the nationwide rollout of interviews, focus groups and surveys with key stakeholders.
22 May 2024 Dealer