New Zealand – jump in sheepmeat exports

New Zealand sheepmeat exports increased by 25% in November from 26,025 in October to 33,586t (NZ Meat Industry Association).

UK – herd at 10-year low

AHDB reports that the UK suckler cow herd has fallen to 1.4m head in June 2023, which is a drop of 203,800 head or 13% over the past decade.

USA – dairy cow decline

USDA reports that the number of dairy cows in October was 9.37m head, down 42,000 on October 2022 and 6,000 lower than September 2023.

South Korea – demand for goat meat

South Korea was the fastest-growing market for Australian goat meat exports in 2023, with volume to end of October increasing to 5,337t compared with 3,413t in the same period in 2022.