Farmers are finding it difficult to get factories to take Jersey-cross cull cows, with as little as €2/kg being paid for them.

Traders report a good trade for well-fleshed cows over 300kg, with prices of €4.10 to €4.20/kg on offer.

However, there is very slow demand for low-grading cows, and a particularly poor trade for very light cows.

“The factories are looking for prime cattle and heavy cows with a good bit of flesh on them,” one trader told the Irish Farmers Journal.

“Anything under 270kg is in trouble – the factories just don’t want them,” he maintained.

With some Jersey-crosses weighing under 230kg, prices as low as €2/kg are being paid.

“We don’t get too many of them [Jersey-cross cull cows], thanks be to God, but P1s are generally making between €2/kg and €2.50/kg, depending on the shape of them,” one factory source said.

The trade in the marts for Jersey-cross cull cows is also very weak, with prices as low as €1/kg reported for very light animals.