I am writing to strongly oppose the proposal to pipe water from the river Shannon to Dublin. This reckless plan exemplifies the short-sightedness of successive governments in neglecting regional planning and prioritising the unchecked growth of the capital to the detriment of the rest of the country.

Ireland stands out globally as one of the few nations where nearly half of its population, a staggering 40.5%, resides in the greater Dublin area.

This uncontrolled expansion of Dublin has led to traffic chaos, homelessness, rough sleeping, lack of school places, as well as serious anti-social behaviour.

Furthermore, this growth has come at the cost of neglecting and dismantling communities across the Shannon basin and the wider west of Ireland.

Vital infrastructure such as Garda stations, rail connections, post offices, schools, banks, hotels, shops and pubs have been sacrificed on the altar of Dublin’s uncontrolled expansion.

Now, to compound the issue, there is a proposal to siphon water from the river Shannon.


It’s high time for communities in the Shannon basin to declare “stop, enough is enough”.

Instead of constructing an enormous pipe from Parteen to quench Dublin’s insatiable thirst, we should prioritise the revitalisation of communities from Arigna to Ardnacrusha.

It is a matter of common sense to bring people to the water, fostering sustainable growth and equitable distribution of resources, rather than draining the lifeblood of rural Ireland to fuel urban sprawl. This is a much bigger problem than a pipe.