Statistics published by DAERA show February milk production was up 3.5% when compared to the same month last year. February production totalled 210.9m litres, up from 203.9m litres in 2023, making it the highest production volume for the outlined month on record.

January also saw record monthly volumes in 2024, bringing NI milk production to 427.5m litres for the first two months of the year, up 2.2% or 9.4m litres year-on-year.

Farmgate milk price averaged 36.8p/l in February, up from 35.89p/l in January but down from 40.5p/l for the same month last year.


While milk output in NI is proving to be extremely resilient, it is a different story elsewhere.

Major European producers such as Germany, UK, France, the Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland have all recorded a year-on-year decline in output, to date in 2024.

With Europe starting out the year with lower stocks of dairy commodities and with growing concerns about 2024 supply, it is putting upward pressure on dairy commodity prices.


Meanwhile, positive demand for butter and milk powders at last week’s GDT and Dutch Dairy Board auctions has marginally increased the Ulster Farmers’ Union milk price indicator (MPI).

The MPI now stands at 34.62p/l, up from 34.56p/l in late April.

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