The weekly cattle sale in Draperstown Mart saw something of a mixed trade across all types of cattle.

A strong presence of buyers for cull cows meant there was a super trade for heavy fleshed animals in slaughter-fit condition.

That translated into intense competition and pushed prices well over 200p/kg for fat cows with Continental breeding.

Young cows, in particular, were an exceptional trade with prices regularly pushing upwards of 260p/kg.

Topping the trade at 280p/kg was a first calved Charolais heifer weighing 620kg, giving the animal a sale value of £1,736.

Other standout lots saw a 2020-born Charolais cow making 264p/kg, which at 600kg gives a sale value of £1,584. That was followed by 262p/kg paid for a 2021 born Limousin weighing 690kg, which made £1,807.

Good quality aged cows saw prices of 220p to 250p/kg, with a 2019-born Charolais animal weighing 680kg making 248p/kg, or £1,684.

Belgian Blue cows sold to 228p/kg for a 2013-born animal weighing 760kg, giving a sale value of £1,732.

Dairy and sucklers

Dairy cows carrying flesh were also an easy sell with Fleckvieh-bred animals making 186p/kg for a 700kg lot, or £1,302. Plainer Friesians typically sold to 150p/kg for fleshed lots.

A small entry of suckler outfits and springing heifers were a sluggish trade with little buying interest ringside. Prices hit £1,040 for a 2019-born Hereford cross Friesian cow with a Hereford heifer calf at foot, while a lack of demand for in-calf heifers saw prices topping out around £1,000.


Prolonged wet weather has cooled demand for light stores suited to grazing, and prices on offer were heavily reflective of cattle quality.

Good quality continental yearlings sold from 270p to 300p/kg with a 440kg Charolais heifer making £1,320 and £1,320 for a Charolais bullock weighing 490kg. However, plainer yearlings were a harder sell with prices of 240p to 260p/kg commonplace.

This June 2021-born Limousin cow, weighing 690kg, sold for 262p/kg (£1,807).

This December 2021-born Friesian bullock, weighing 600kg, sold for £1,224.

This December 2022 born Charolais bullock, weighing 540kg, sold for £1,380.

This April 2023 born Charolais heifer, weighing 440kg, sold for £1,320.

This June 2019-born Charolais cow, weighing 810kg, sold for 256p/kg (£2,076).

This August 2020-born Charolais cow, weighing 600kg, sold for 264/kg (£1,584).

This January 2023 born Salers bullock, weighing 450kg, sold for £1,280.

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