The list of young genomic Holstein bulls produced by the UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) is dominated by Genosource Captain genetics, with his progeny filling the top four positions

DG Peace moves up from sixth in the last ranking to top the April list for Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) with a figure of £908.

The bull has a breed-leading predicted transmitting ability (PTA) for protein of 41.3kg, combined with a milk yield of 1080kg and 46.9kg fat.

Peace also has outstanding efficiency ratings of 281 on feed advantage and -25 on maintenance feed index.

Finishing second is DG Space with a PLI of £873, with the animal rated as one of the highest HealthyCow index bulls amongst the top 20 sires.

DG Dillion is ranked third on a PLI of £868, with strong traits for calf survival and resistance to lameness.

Cogent Koepen Rocky is fourth with a PLI of £865, with Peak AltaMorpheus rounding out the top five.

Proven sire list

Genosource Captain remains the highest ranked sire on daughter-proven PLI, with close to 500 daughters in production across the UK.

Captain has a PLI of £874 with PTAs of 1187kg milk, 49.5kg protein and 37.6kg fat.

Westcoast River moves up to second on a PLI of £778, with 329 daughters in milk on UK farms.

Aardema Pistolero completes the top three with a PLI of £722.

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