Offaly County Council is to conduct a hedgerow survey across the county from 17 to 28 June 2024.

It has engaged Flynn Furney Environmental Consultations to carry out survey.

“This survey will focus on hedgerows within similar areas to understand their unique significance and monitor trends and changes within the network – the survey area is equals 2,367km2, which is 1% of the hedgerows in Offaly,” a spokesperson for the council said.

Over recent years, heritage officers from each local authority have commissioned county-wide hedgerow surveys. The most recent survey of Offaly hedgerows took place in 2005.

Flynn Furney Environmental Consultants will survey 28 sample squares across the district which are 1km2 in size in June.


Biodiversity officer with Offaly County Council Ricky Whelan advised that co-operation in granting access to the hedgerows on private land for the purpose of this survey is greatly appreciated.

“This survey is non-intrusive and consists simply of the identification and recording of the character, condition and range of species contained within hedgerows.

“While some photographs will be taken as part of the hedgerow survey, no photographs will identify structures or other aspects of the landholding. The completed survey will be hosted on,” he said.