Based in Cambridgeshire, Techneat Engineering, best known for its air seeders and slug pellet applicators, showcased its ATV-mounted spot spraying solution.

Claiming to be the only UK-built spot spraying solution, the Weed Wizard has been designed for targeted weed control within the municipal sector, ie, walkways, cycle paths, etc.

Using ‘green on brown’ camera sensing, the system automatically identifies the green colour of the weeds on dark surfaces, and then applies a targeted application of herbicide via the particular nozzle(s) in that area.

Mounted to the front of the ATV are a total of 12 individually controlled low-drift nozzles, spaced at 100mm across the 1.2m working width. Included in the package is a 60l tank, filtration system and a 12v pump.

From the ATV seat, the rider can monitor and adjust the sprayer parameters.

Also on display was a larger front linkage mounted model, designed for spraying weeds selectively within suitable vegetable crops.

A larger Weed Wizard designed for tractor front linkage was also on display at Lamma.

Techneat explained that varying working widths are possible, as the working principle remains the same.

Pricing for the complete ATV kit is €29,200 plus VAT.