At Lamma 2024, Ktwo unveiled its updated Compact and Push trailer models, alongside the newly relaunched Warwick Trailer range, having acquired the well-known company in 2019.

The main updates to the Compact and Push range has been the integration of a curved tipper-style body, designed to improve strength and an improved seal on the headboard.

Other improvements are centred on manufacturing efficiency and streamlining production having implemented jig-based construction.

Aside from speeding up production, Ktwo explains that it has reduced the number of parts required for the production of each trailer and in turn lowering the overall weight as result.

Warwick trailer range

According to Ktwo, there are no intentions of rebranding the Warwick brand as Ktwo, but to instead continue to offer each separately to different customer types.

The relaunched Warwick range comprises mainly trailers and spreaders aimed at the smaller scale users.

Instead, it has relaunched the Warwick range which now offers an expanded selection of trailers, including tipping trailers ranging from 4t to 12t, flatbed trailers spanning 18ft to 28ft, 7t and 10t drop-deck trailers and drop-side trailers varying from 2t to 12t, tailored to meet smaller-scale agricultural needs.

The Warwick trailer product range is available through the existing Ktwo dealer network.