Develon - formerly known as Doosan - has launched the new DX17Z-7 zero tail swing and the new DX19-7 conventional mini-diggers. Both models are powered by the Kubota D902 Stage V compliant diesel engine.

The manufacturer says this provides a 20% higher power output of 16.2hp at 2,400 rpm in comparison with the previous generation machines they replace.

It says the engine also offers a 25% larger displacement and a 29% increase in engine torque to 54.6 Nm at 1,900 rpm.

The new models feature the new shared global styling for the next generation Develon mini-excavator range. This includes the novel platform design and new upper structures.

Both models have a 1.75m boom and 1.03m arm as standard, with an optional longer 1.23m arm available.


The DX17Z-7 has a cast 180kg counterweight as standard, with an additional 85kg counterweight for use with the optional longer arm.

The firm says that the tail swing radius in the DX17Z-7 has been reduced by 6.5% to 645mm compared with the previous model.

The tail swing radius increases to 720mm when the additional 85kg counterweight is used. A 65kg cast counterweight is used in both the standard and longer arm versions of the DX19-7.


The hydraulic hose layout runs through and is protected by the boom to reduce the risk of hose damage. One- and two-way proportional flow is provided as standard.

The DX17Z-7 is only available with a canopy while the DX19-7 is available with a canopy or an enclosed cab.

The flow rate is controlled through a thumb wheel on the right-hand joystick. Quick coupler piping is available on both models.

Both are equipped with retractable 230mm tracks, where the width between the tracks can be automatically reduced from 1,290mm to 994mm, while both have a foldable blade.

The DX17Z-7 is available as a canopy machine, whilst the DX19-7 can be supplied with either a canopy or a cab.



The new 5in digital display replaces the simple gauge panel on the previous models.

It shows the operator information on the screen such as warning indicators for issues with the machine announced with a buzzer sound. Maintenance intervals can also be monitored on the display.

The cab version of the DX19-7 has a radio and is supplied with a heater as standard. A mechanical suspension seat is standard, as are LED lights and a rotating beacon.

Develon DX17Z-7 spec

  • Engine: 16.2hp Kubota D902.
  • Operating weight: 1,850kg.
  • Digging depth: 2,240mm.
  • Digging reach: 3,910mm.
  • Digging height: 3,730mm.
  • Rear swing radius: 645mm.
  • Track shoe width: 230mm.
  • Travel speed: low range: 2.21km/h, high range: 4.09km/h.
  • Hydraulic flow: 34.6 l/min.
  • Develon DX19-7 spec (with cab)

  • Engine: 16.2hp Kubota D902 Stage.
  • Operating weight: 2,020kg.
  • Digging depth: 2,540mm.
  • Digging reach: 4,130mm.
  • Digging height: 3,585mm.
  • Rear swing radius: 1,760mm.
  • Track shoe width: 230mm.
  • Travel speed: low range: 2.06km/h, high range: 3.73km/h.
  • Hydraulic flow: 34.6 l/min.