Yokohama off-highway tyres (YOHT) - the parent company of Alliance tyres - has announced the new Alliance Agriflex+ 373 hybrid tyre range, designed for both field applications and road transport.

The new tyre combines both stratified layer and very high flexion (VF) technology, completing the VF range for the tractor segment.

Stratified layer technology (SLT) is currently used in the Alliance Agri Star II tyre ranges.


This term describes where the tyre lugs have been designed in two layers. The top layer has a single angle profile, while the lower layers have multiple angle profiles, which are designed to give the tyre a second lease of life and compensate for the loss in performance due to wear of the first layer.

The new hybrid thread design claims to offer the best characteristics of both lug and block thread designs, thus allowing it to perform well in all applications.

According to YOHT, this is the first time any manufacturer has introduced a hybrid VF tyre with R1-W tread depth for both on- and off-road applications with SLT.

The introduction of SLT addresses the need for prolonged traction, while the centre rib/block profile ensures smooth road use. No detail in terms of availability or sizing has been released yet.