Although still at a late concept stage, Manitou teased its first electric ag telehandler, the MLT 526e.

Based completely on the existing MLT 625 diesel model, the maximum lift capacity of 2,500kg and 6m reach height (2,000kg at 6m) remains the same. So, too, does its dimensions - measuring 1.8m wide and 2.0m high.

Regarding electrification, a 14kW motor caters for the hydrostatic transmission, while a 25kW motor takes care of the 78l/min boom hydraulics.

Power is sourced from a 25kWh lithium-ion battery, which will remain good for four hours of continuous use in standard mode (excluding energy regeneration). Boost mode, as expected, increases response times, sapping more charge.

Charging is done via a 9kW on-board charger and is compatible with a 220v domestic or 380v three-phase supply. The latter taking three hours 15 minutes to fully recharge.

Production is said to begin in quarter four of this year. Pricing has yet to be confirmed.