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Priority approval announced for TAMS tranche two applications
Martin Merrick
The Minister of Agriculture announced that similar to tranche one, tranche two applicants can now apply for priority approval for urgent investments under TAMS.
14 February 2024 Buildings
Watch: top-spec calf shed ramps up accommodation for 520-cow herd
With nearly all calves reared on the farm, good-quality accommodation for youngstock is a priority for the McGranes.
7 February 2024 Management
Specifications announced for TAMS herd health monitoring
A popular new addition to TAMS III, specifications for herd health and fertility monitoring systems have now been released by the Department. Martin Merrick reports.
Galway farmer refused planning for biosolids storage shed
The agricultural shed was set to store up to 12,000t of compost and biosolids which would be spread on farmland.
31 January 2024 News
VAT debacle explained: examining what has changed with VAT and farm investments
With the confusion surrounding VAT and a recent change in views by Revenue, Martin Merrick looks at what exactly has changed regarding VAT reclaims.
31 January 2024 Buildings
Well-ventilated calf shed ticking the box on Galway dairy farm
Darragh Callanan is in his second year of using his TAMS-spec calf shed, with a major increase in calf health seen. Martin Merrick reports.
24 January 2024 Calves
Addressing the difficulties with calf accommodation ventilation
Ventilation for calf housing can be tricky to get right, with many factors at play with how effective natural ventialtion can be.
24 January 2024 Buildings
Round roof retrofit ticking the box for calf housing in Cork
Converting an older hay shed into calf accommodation has worked well for dairy farmer Adam Shorten. Martin Merrick reports.
17 January 2024 Calves
Heat Guard sheeting gets approval for TAMS use
With an increasing number of farmers looking to use clear sheeting in sheds, the product can now be utilised for TAMS-spec buildings.
13 January 2024 Buildings
Restoring 250-year-old sheds in Cavan
Martin Merrick reports on a restoration project being carried out in Milltown, Co Cavan, under the Traditional Farm Buildings Scheme.
10 January 2024 Buildings
Copper oil preservative approved for horse fencing in lieu of banned creosote
Copper oil-treated post and rail fencing is now the recommended treatment for horse post and rail fencing.
6 January 2024 Buildings
Farm Buildings 2023: Our top five farm buildings features
We’ve had some fantastic features on farm buildings throughout 2023, with some of our most popular ones listed below.
29 December 2023 Buildings