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Combines get to work in broken weather
Conor Kehoe
This week, Conor Kehoe talks to farmers in Tipperary, Down, and Westmeath as combines get to work across the country.
13 July 2024 Varieties
8 winter wheat varieties make the grade
A total of eight winter wheat varieties are available for seed in the coming season. Graham, KWS DAwsum and Champion are the three main varieties.
10 July 2024 Varieties
Two new oat varieties showing promise
There are two new oat varieties available this year. WPB Enya for both winter and spring seed and Titant for spring seed.
Barley harvest to kick off this week
This week, Conor Kehoe talks to farmers in Wexford, Galway, and Derry as farmer make final preparations for harvest.
10 July 2024 Crops
Final sprays on cereals and maize begins to recover
This week, Conor Kehoe talks to farmers in Dublin, Laois and Meath, as rain and warmer weather improve crop growth.
3 July 2024 Crops
Topics discussed at the Footprint Farmers farm walk
This week Kelsey Daly covers the huge turnout at the Waterford Footprint Farmers walk, topics such as Vixeran, slurry, and sustainable measures were prominent throughout the event.
3 July 2024 Footprint Farmers
IFJ Junior: you can grow your own salad at home
It is rewarding to grow some of your own salad at home, but there is some patience and a good bit of work involved, writes Siobhán Walsh.
26 June 2024 Crops
Stressed maize and awn emergence on spring barley
This week, Conor Kehoe talks to farmers in Kilkenny, Waterford, and Down as sunshine returns and irrigation of potatoes begins in earnest.
26 June 2024 Crops
Winter barley begins to turn as weather improves
This week, Conor Kehoe talks to farmers in Tipperary, Galway, and Westmeath as preparations begin for harvest.
19 June 2024 Crops
A Wicklow way of arable innovation
Wicklow farmer Nigel Gillis talks to Brendan Dunford about his fascination with trying new approaches to build more resilience into his farming system.
19 June 2024 Footprint Farmers
Grain fill underway in winter crops as a harsh wind blows
This week, Conor Kehoe talks to farmers in Laois, Wexford, and Derry as growth slows and stress begins to show on crops.
12 June 2024 Crops
Tullamore Farm testing the peas and cereal combi-crop mix
Kelsey Daly looks at growing a combi-crop mix on Tullamore Farm for high protein silage while reducing the nitrogen input on the farm.
12 June 2024 Footprint Farmers