Beef quotes continue to creep up, with most processors increasing quotes by another 5c/kg this week. Heifers are working off base quotes of €5.15/kg to €5.20/kg, while bullocks are coming in at €5.10/kg to €5.15/kg this week.

Cull cow quotes have also improved, with good O-grading Friesian cows making as much as €4.60/kg this week.

The top of the cow market remains at €5.10/kg for U-grading cows. There is also a little more bite for young bulls with €5.20/kg on the table for under 16-month bulls in some factories.

Last week’s kill was the lowest bullock and heifer kill so far in 2024.

Factories remain very active in marts around the country and Northern Ireland feeders and agents have also increased activity pushing slaughter-fit cattle to new highs in marts.