Grass+ Beef: slow recovery on grazed swards putting farms under pressure
Martin Merrick
Lacklustre growth over the past few weeks will see highly stocked beef farms under pressure in the coming few days unless growth drastically improves.
Technology Villages at BEEF 2024
Paul Crosson takes a look at some of technology villages at BEEF 2024
Red clover sward driving yields on Tyrone farm
A ZeroNsile project managed by AgriSearch aims to explore the potential to grow grass silage swards without N fertiliser.
This week in photos - shows, shearing, silage and sales
Our top farming photos from the past week include the sheep Shearing Championships in Mountbellew, silage harvesting, shows in Ballymoney and Lurgan, mart action in Donegal Town Mart and more.
9 June 2024 News
Farmer Writes: a hi-tech machinery investment
James Strain recently invested in a double bale lifter, the first one he has actually owned.
27 May 2024 News
Getting to grips with red clover silage
Red clover has been increasing in popularity, but its establishment and cutting procedure differ from that of traditional ryegrass swards.
15 May 2024 Soil
Farmer Writes: first-cut silage harvested in near-perfect conditions
James Strain took his first cut of red clover silage this week and plans to get some 0:7:30 on it and do the same in six weeks’ time.
15 May 2024 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: the start of fertiliser season
James Strain hopes to be able to cut his red clover sometime in the first half of May.
15 April 2024 Farmer Writes
Reducing livestock emissions with red clover silage
The benefits of red clover were outlined to farmers during a webinar hosted by Germinal
10 April 2024 Northern Ireland
Is red clover a runner this summer?
Aidan Brennan looks at some of the advantages of red clover and some of the things to watch out for when sowing the crop.
20 March 2024 Reseeding
Multi-species sward and red clover silage measures - your questions answered
The Department of Agriculture has compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers for the measures which opened for applications this week.
10 March 2024 Grass & feeding
Up to €300/ha for multi-species and red clover swards
Applications for the scheme in 2024 are via the Basic Income Support for Sustainability online application system.
6 March 2024 News