Reader queries on the Conservation Advice Scheme
Tommy Moyles
The Conservation Advice Scheme, an off-shoot of the Vacant Property Refurbishment Scheme is live until the end of July. Tommy Moyles answers some of our readers' queries.
5 June 2024 Features
Vacant to vibrant: building a future with the Vacant Property Renovation Grant
Hoping to avail of the Vacant Property Renovation Grant and revive an old cottage in Kerry, Tony Malone and Niamh O’Mahony are bringing Irish Country Living on their journey, writes Tomy Moyles.
24 April 2024 News & features
Readers' queries: Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant
Tommy Moyles answers more readers queries on the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant.
Spending your VPRG grant
With up to €50,000 available through the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant, we list the works that qualify and how much you can get, writes Tommy Moyles.
3 April 2024 Consumer
A few factors at play in north Galway sale
A 39ac non-residential farm in north Co Galway has a mix of grass, forestry and bog land as well as an old ruin included, writes Tommy Moyles.
20 March 2024 Property
Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant: what our readers want to know
With grants of up to €50,000 available to do up a vacant property and up to €70,000 to refurbish a derelict property, the VPRG has caught the attention of our readers, writes Tommy Moyles.
13 March 2024 News & features
Belclare beauty bound for auction
Extending to approximately 72ac of top quality free draining soil, this farm comes on the market including a farmhouse and a range of farm outbuildings with cattle crush and penning.
28 February 2024 For Sale
North Cork residential farm on elevated ground
A circa 50.7ac holding in the north west of Co Cork is going for public auction in late February. It is for sale in a number of lots, writes Tommy Moyles.
7 February 2024 For Sale
Own a bit of Inishowen
A 32.5ac residential holding is going for public auction at the end of February. The Co Donegal property is a compact grassland farm, writes Tommy Moyles.
31 January 2024 For Sale
Cork holding expected to make up to €20,000/ac
A residential farm almost halfway between Bandon and Cork city has just come on the market. All in one block with a functional yard, writes Tommy Moyles.
24 January 2024 For Sale