Letter regarding the ash dieback taskforce
Letters to the Editor
Inequity in the ash dieback scheme was considered to be unacceptable - Simon White, chair, Limerick and Tipperary Woodland owners (LTWO).
24 March 2024 Forestry
Good science must shape our forest future
A properly funded, co-ordinated forest research programme and research centre is required to meet the challenges facing Irish forestry, writes Gerhardt Gallagher.
20 March 2024 Northern Ireland
NI forestry targets are a 'huge challenge'
Annual rates of afforestation will have to ramp up considerably if future targets are to be met
Strong and steady land market in Northern Ireland
Tight supply and strong demand during 2023 helped put land prices in Northern Ireland at their second highest level on record. Peter McCann reports.
20 March 2024 News
What a real native woodland scheme might look like
While the Forestry Programme 2023-27 comes with a new emphasis on native species, a meaningful commitment to our last remaining native woodlands is missing, writes Ray Ó Foghlú.
DAERA buying farmland to plant trees
DAERA confirmed that “offers on a small number of parcels of land” in Northern Ireland are currently being made
21 February 2024 Northern Ireland