The chicken 'Big Mac' is no more
The Dealer
Supermac's successfully argued that the trademark had been not put to proper use over a period of five years.
7 June 2024 News
UK general election talk has gone post-Brexit
Almost two weeks into the general election campaign in the UK and Brexit is hardly mentioned.
5 June 2024 News
Pork and dairy in China's firing line
There are mounting fears that China will hit back at European agri-produce if the EU imposes increased import duties on Chinese manufactured electric cars.
Food security does not mean full self-sufficiency - Commission
A high-level briefing from the EU Commission acknowledged the challenge for European farmers, and said that agriculture is a priority issue for the EU in external trade negotiations.
5 June 2024 News
10 key takeaways from the National Biomethane Strategy
The National Biomethane Strategy gave a clear insight into the Government’s vision for an agricultural-based anaerobic digestion sector and how it will achieve it, writes Stephen Robb.
5 June 2024 News
McDonald’s loses ‘Big Mac’ trademark for poultry products in EU
Supermac's successfully argued that the trademark had been not put to proper use over a period of five years.
5 June 2024 News
Your guide to voting in local and European elections
Friday's voting is vital for farming's future, so here's a comprehensive guide to how to exercise your democratic mandate, who you have to choose from and how to make your vote work best for you.
5 June 2024 News
CAP budget is 'short-changing' farmers - Punch
The CAP costs 33c per day for every citizen of the EU, which is remarkable value for plentiful, nutritious food, Eddie Punch has argued.
4 June 2024 News
What do farm leaders demand of Ireland’s next batch of MEPs?
With the European elections looming, the Irish Farmers Journal spoke to the IFA, the ICSA, the INHFA and Macra on the upcoming elections.
3 June 2024 News
United effort required for water quality
A united effort from farmer, the dairy industry and politicians is more evident than before when it comes to the future of the nitrates derogation, according to a senior Department inspector.
1 June 2024 News
Ireland's grazing systems 'don't work' at low stocking rates, Oireachtas hears
Ireland has the lowest carbon intensity associated with dairy production because its farmers operate "very good, outdoor, grass-based systems", Seán McCarthy from Kerry has said.
1 June 2024 News
Traditional Farm Buildings Scheme wins EU heritage award
The Traditional Farm Buildings Scheme which has supported the repairing of over 1,000 farm buildings has won an EU award and commended for its 'wide-reaching, high-impact and holistic approach'.
31 May 2024 News