Five tips for reseeding grassland
Kieran Mailey
Reseeding unproductive swards offers a good return on investment. Outlined are five tips for reseeding.
5 June 2024 News
263,000ha of farmland benefit from OPW works
OPW works have been carried out on over 11,000km of drainage channels since the Arterial Drainage Act passed in 1945.
5 June 2024 News
How to make a claim for a VAT refund
Only flat-rate farmers who have incurred VAT in relation to certain types of expenditure are eligible to reclaim VAT.
Watch: trees planted to dry out wet field
Co Down farmer, Derek Robinson has availed of DAERA’s Small Woodland Grant Scheme
22 May 2024 Farmer Writes
Limerick County Council reminds farmers of silage effluent rules
Limerick City and County Council has reminded farmers of their obligations around effluents arising from silage making.
24 April 2024 News
EPA slashes emissions estimate for grasslands
The move came after scientific studies published last year found emissions from peat grasslands to be significantly overestimated.
Legal: ‘do my neighbours have a duty to clean out drains?’
A drain pipe running onto his neighbour’s land is causing one farmer much distress, writes Aisling Meehan.
6 March 2024 News
Home Farm: Slurry and daffodils
Drainage - a year like this throws up evidence of where the problems are.
7 February 2024 Viewpoints
Farmer Writes: a brief history of land reclamation
Irish land reclamation was the war cry for the past 250 years, and I think we should mark its passing with a brief history.
3 January 2024 Farmer Writes
The role hedgerows, trees and scrub can play in the battle to combat flooding
Dr Alan Moore of Hedgerows Ireland looks at what measures farmers can deploy to combat flooding.
3 January 2024 Opinion
SloWaters project paying farmers to slow the flow of water off their land
SloWaters has been piloting flood prevention measures on Irish farms and the project's leader maintains that these measures should now be rolled out at a wider scale.
20 December 2023 Climate and environment