Northern Ireland
No evidence for easier planning rules – NIEA
Peter McCann
With no operational protocol in place at present, planning applications for livestock buildings are currently being assessed by NIEA “on a case-by-case basis”.
DUP open to UK/EU veterinary deal
David Wright reports from a pre-election hustings events organised by the UFU.
Other priorities ahead of funding for local shows
Officials within DAERA’s finance division are currently preparing a range of policy proposals for Minister Muir’s consideration.
Confusion over DAERA animal disease powers
The issue surrounds new Windsor Framework regulations where 19 pieces of EU legislation have come under the control of the UK government.
22 May 2024 Northern Ireland
No reversal of NIEA ammonia planning advice
Applications in the planning system are currently being assessed by “site-specific advice on a case-by-case basis” as no ammonia guidance is in place.
21 February 2024 Northern Ireland
Veterinary medicines – a problem still to be solved
David Wright looks at some of the main issues included in the UK government command paper on 'Safeguarding the Union'.
7 February 2024 Northern Ireland
DUP deal sorts pedigree livestock moves
Animals moving to shows and sales in Britain will be free to return within 15 days.
31 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Massive in-tray awaits a new ag minister
A new agriculture minister in NI is set to be appointed in the coming days.
31 January 2024 Northern Ireland