Sport: with Dublin knocked out, the race for Sam is on
Denis Hurley
We expect sporting dynasties to last forever – Dublin fell last week, can Limerick stay on top, asks Denis Hurley.
5 June 2024 Sport
Midlands hurlers fight for a top spot
Offaly and Laois vie for a place at hurling’s top table this weekend – but is elitism a major barrier to progress, asks Denis Hurley.
29 May 2024 Sport
Hurling championship has kept us enthralled - football has a hard act to follow
There are just nine games left in the hurling championship – can the football thrill us more in the meantime, asks Denis Hurley.
Sport: glory days for Cork
Cork’s win over Limerick may be pivotal or may count for nothing, but it was a special occasion for those present, writes Denis Hurley.
15 May 2024 Sport
A beautiful chaos is about to kick off
The Munster hurling championship begins this weekend and excitement awaits, writes Denis Hurley.
17 April 2024 Sport
Leinster look to kick on as La Rochelle visit
The last Irish province standing must face the side that has beaten them in the last two Champions Cup finals, writes Denis Hurley.
10 April 2024 Sport
Playing the waiting game
The Allianz Football League is all but finished – however, the picture regarding championship eligibility is still somewhat unclear, writes Denis Hurley.
27 March 2024 Sport
Could Ireland’s loss be the Six Nations gain?
Defeat was bad for Ireland but perhaps good for the Six Nations as a whole – and there’s still a game and championship to be won, writes Denis Hurley.
13 March 2024 Sport
Ireland make it look like child’s play
Ireland’s Guinness Six Nations 2024 title defence has been sublime, as they continue their quest for back-to-back Grand Slams, writes Denis Hurley.
14 February 2024 Sport