Tillage Podcast: wonderful weather for field work
Siobhán Walsh
On this week's show, we hear from a UK farmer dealing with black grass, cover cropping and direct drilling.
Upgrading barley yields with a new fungicide solution
Due to relentless wet weather, the spring of 2024 has proven to be an extremely testing time for growers.
17 April 2024 News
Revving up disease control on barley
The spend on barley disease control this year needs to be cost-effective. Mixtures are important for effective disease control and resistance management.
Maximising yield on oilseed rape crops
Early-season management in oilseed rape is important to maximise crop yields. Here is some advice on plant growth regulator application.
3 March 2024 News
Tillage Podcast: from the three-crop rule to break crop agronomy
On this week’s show, we have the latest from the Department of Agriculture on patchy crops and we report from the BASF technical conference.
15 February 2024 News
An even crop is more important than a good plant count
Farmers should carry out plant counts, but also look at ground conditions, evenness and plant health.
30 January 2024 News
German manufacturer brings monster 20,000-litre sprayer to market
Dammann recently unveiled a new 20,000-litre tri-axle trailed sprayer, which becomes its new flagship offering.
10 January 2024 News