Make the most of your farm by improving and monitoring soil health and fertility

Getting to grips with red clover silage
Martin Merrick
Red clover has been increasing in popularity, but its establishment and cutting procedure differ from that of traditional ryegrass swards.
27 March 2024 Footprint Farmers
Navigating soil test results on Footprint Farms
Good nutrient management is about measuring what you can (soil, slurry and crops) and adjusting year on year to improve efficiency and minimise environmental impact across the entire system.
13 March 2024 Footprint Farmers
Soil test results: 34% of samples at optimum P, K and pH on Footprint Farms
Using soil test results to target fertiliser applications can boost soil fertility, reduce costs and minimise environmental damage, writes Emma Hart.
Major new hybrid bioenergy park set for Clare
Senator Timmy Dooley, Fianna Fail spokesperson on Climate Action, Communication Networks & Transport, was among those who submitted concerns to the renewable energy development.
28 February 2024 News
Plant diversity is key to soil health
Diverse planting practices have been at the core of our food production systems for thousands of years, writes Emma Hart.
6 December 2023 Footprint Farmers
'We cannot understand logic of Department of Agriculture' - IGGG
The Irish Grain Growers Group has said the requirement for a grass lie-back beside a forage crop is a backwards step.
19 August 2023 News