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Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland sheep kill down over 36,147 head or 15% in 2024
Darren Carty
The lower number of sheep slaughtered is being strongly influenced by live exports of sheep running almost 40,000 head higher.
10 July 2024 Northern Ireland
TB payment cuts shelved for now
Agriculture Minister Andrew Muir said cuts could not be completely ruled out because DAERA’s budget is 'very constrained'
10 July 2024 Northern Ireland
Lakeland increases price for June supplies
Lakeland Dairies has announced an increase to its base price for milk supplied during June
Fat lamb prices continue to drop
Lamb prices remain under pressure and are down by more than £30 since mid-June
10 July 2024 Northern Ireland
In pictures: electric trade for drop calves in Ballymena
Dairy beef calves were an electric trade at the weekly sale in Ballymena Mart.
10 July 2024 Northern Ireland
NI farm incomes take a 44% hit
DAERA has published its latest estimates for family farm incomes in NI
10 July 2024 Northern Ireland
Fertiliser register a sign of new approach
A new fertiliser database is to be introduced by DAERA Minister Andrew Muir
10 July 2024 Northern Ireland
Audit office probe into false soil samples
Concerns were initially raised by NIEA about false soil samples used to support planning applications in NI
10 July 2024 Northern Ireland
Maize crops in need of nutrient boost
Colder than normal weather is having a negative impact on many maize crops in NI
10 July 2024 Northern Ireland
Part-time grazing a spring-calving herd
John Morton hosted a Fane Valley event on his farm in Co Armagh.
10 July 2024 Northern Ireland
Poor grass growth adding to costs of milk
Co Tyrone dairy farmer Jessica Pollock is feeding more meal, to compensate for lower grass quality.
10 July 2024 Farmer Writes
Northern Ireland diary of events
Shows, sales and events happening across the NI agri-food industry over the next week
10 July 2024 Northern Ireland