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Kia’s big EV9 sparks some statement
Michael Moroney
You’ll definitely notice the new Kia EV9 when you see it on the road. The big all-electric SUV is Kia’s statement of intent that it aims to be a leader on the electric car market.
3 January 2024 Motors
Amarok moves Volkswagen to a higher comfort zone
More recently, Michael Moroney has got acquainted and comfortable with the German brand workhorse, that owes much of its new pedigree to the success of the Ford’s very popular Ranger 4x4 pickup.
20 December 2023 Motors
What diesel car choices are left in Ireland?
With so much publicity around the growth in the sales of new electric cars, this week we look at what diesel engine car choices are left for Irish new car buyers.
BYD delivers a new electric car challenge
Electric car sales are increasing at a significant pace, despite the slow rollout of more public charging points and the Chinese-built BYD Atto 3 is an attractive new option.
18 October 2023 Motors
Ploughing car display in the mud
Cars rarely look well in the mud and last week’s Ploughing display proved that point as few car companies were eager to open their car doors to allow visitors to taste and feel the new car comforts.
27 September 2023 Motors
Austral offers something special from Renault
Renault has created something special with the new Austral SUV, special in terms of engine performance and economy, as well as being special in terms of comfort and styling.
13 September 2023 Motors
Nissan solves electric range anxiety in new e-Power Qashqai
Nissan’s new Qashqai has one of Ireland’s best-selling SUVs. The new model has lots of positive changes, but more critical diesel power is replaced by a new electric drive system.
30 August 2023 Motors
Toyota unveils retro-look Land Cruiser for 2024
Last week, Toyota Europe unveiled its new version of the Land Cruiser that is due on sale here in Ireland towards the middle of 2024.
16 August 2023 Motors
Corolla Cross completes Toyota’s SUV range with practicality
Toyota has a new SUV option in a practical Corolla Cross, which both extends the Corolla range and gives it more versatility as Michael Moroney found from his text drive.
2 August 2023 Motors
Ford’s Kuga delivers on PHEV economy promise
When it comes to plug-in hybrid cars (PHEVs), I have to admit that I’ve been doubting their usefulness.
19 July 2023 Motors
Small van from a big brand
The small van market is booming reflecting the strength of the Irish business economy and that has prompted Mercedes-Benz to enter the Irish small van market.
5 July 2023 Motors