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What you need to know about grassland pesticide use
Darren Carty
The use of pesticides is now governed by conditionality, meaning that if breaches occur it may pose a risk to CAP payments, writes Darren Carty.
15 June 2024 Grass & feeding
The Grass Week: drastic dip in growth but a recovery expected
While growth has taken a tumble over the last two weeks or so, warmer and milder conditions should hopefully swing things back in favour of farmers.
12 June 2024 Grass & feeding
Grass+ dairy: growth rates feeling the pinch
Thomas Condon highlights how cooler weather conditions have caused growth rates to dip below that of demand on a lot of farms around the country, and what to do in this scenario.
Almost 50% cut to profit if derogation is lost
Thomas Condon reports from the Dairygold farm walk on the Goggin farm in Cork where water quality and the impact of the derogation was the centre of attention.
12 June 2024 Grass & feeding
The Grass Week: dip in growth and quality
A mixture of a dip in growth and farmers trying to correct grass is leaving farms at risk of running tight on grass.
8 June 2024 Grass & feeding
Correcting grass quality without running short
Thomas Condon details how farmers should try to maintain quality in swards through correction, without running down farm cover too low.
5 June 2024 Grass & feeding
Time to rebuild silage stocks
With silage reserves at an all time low, Declan Collins looks at how farmers can set up their paddocks for a quality second cut.
29 May 2024 Grass & feeding
The Grass Week: keeping quality in grazing ground and fertilising second cuts
We are approaching the time of the year for grasses to head out, so it is also when grass quality can go downhill in grazing and silage swards.
25 May 2024 Grass & feeding
Time to get on top of grass quality
Declan Collins looks at different options for farmers to get on top of grass quality this week.
22 May 2024 Grass & feeding
The Grass Week: heat starting to drive growth but rain not helping matters
While growth is on the up, a lot of farms are still struggling with conditions underfoot after some torrential showers.
18 May 2024 Grass & feeding
Grass issues and winter feed dominate discussion
Difficulties with grass and grazing didn’t end when the weather improved in late April and farmers are still encountering plenty of challenges, particularly around silage stocks, writes Aidan Brennan.
15 May 2024 Grass & feeding
Growth burst has finally arrived
Declan Collins has a look at what farmers should be doing to control grass quality with high growth rates.
15 May 2024 Grass & feeding