Upgrading barley yields with a new fungicide solution
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Due to relentless wet weather, the spring of 2024 has proven to be an extremely testing time for growers.
18 April 2024 l2
Growing importance of North America for Irish dairy exports
Bord Bia’s market specialist for North America Maurice Power looks at developments in the US market.
16 April 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Pump up your crops with VIXERAN®
VIXERAN®, a proven bacteria-based biofertiliser by Syngenta Biologicals, allows your crop to fix nitrogen (N) directly from the atmosphere. This improves nitrogen use efficiency on your farm.
There’s a future for palm oil in the dairy supply chain
If not palm, then what? Understanding the complex story of sustainable palm and the vital role it plays in supporting global conservation efforts, local economies and the dairy supply chain.
15 April 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Unlocking Culinary Creativity: the Bord Bia Talent Academy
Are you a graduate with 3+ year’s experience, with a passion for innovation and a keen interest in the food, drink, or horticulture sectors?
12 April 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
'Everything is connected': protecting future generations with farming techniques
Rising temperatures, endless droughts and devastating floods – an unrelenting cycle of extreme weather is pushing communities in Malawi into deadly hunger.
12 April 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
How one beef farmer discovered Cultivate’s farmer-friendly finance
Meet Hillary Courtney, a part-time beef farmer, who, like many farmers throughout Ireland, was looking at ways to improve her farm, but was hampered by access to farmer-friendly finance.
11 April 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Sync, breed, succeed in Emly, Co Tipperary
“Having half your heifer calves born by 3 February,” was Michael’s response when asked what the best thing was about having used sexed sorted semen for the first time last year.
11 April 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Addressing bloat in young calves
Bloat is a condition found in both dairy and beef animals, which can affect either the abomasum or the rumen, with calves suffering from abomasal bloat usually less than three weeks old.
4 April 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Heart disease risk factors among farmers too significant to ignore
Health issues including heart disease can be a concern for many working in the farming industry. It is important to understand the risk factors related to heart health and how best to mitigate them.
25 March 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Steer clear of electricity poles and stay wires
Michael Murray, ESB Networks public safety manager, highlights the importance of identifying risks in the environment you are working in.
22 March 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Reaping the benefits of grass in the diet in north Cork
Declan Collins visits the Troy farm in Co Cork with CBS Charleville to see what's happening this spring.
15 March 2024 Advertisers' anouncements