Farming for Water EIP in the Castleisland catchment
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Kerry Agribusiness is the first milk processor to implement the Farming for Water European Innovation Partnership project. This ambitious project aims to support farmers to protect water quality.
11 July 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Bridging skills gaps in agriculture: the role of micro-credentials
The agriculture and food sectors are rapidly transforming, driven by challenges and technological advancements.
27 June 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Balancing sustainability and profitability on your farm
One Health initiatives such as antimicrobial reduction and the banning of high levels of zinc oxide in feed have resulted in additional challenges to farmers.
Doxstar Pro: denying docks a second chance before first-cut silage
Docks can create serious problems in grassland, negatively affecting productivity.
6 June 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Take steps to minimise aftereffects of wet winter on silage, farmers urged
Heightened risks of soil and slurry contamination in first-cut grass silage after the wet winter will require extra vigilance with silage making this season, an expert is urging.
17 May 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Irish beef sales in Britain still growing
Bord Bia meat and organics market specialist Seán Deane reports that Irish beef sales in Britain continued to grow in the first two months of 2024, building on last year's strong performance.
16 May 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Outpacing the field with the only non-stop baler, the Kverneland FastBale
In Clogheen, Co Tipperary, Thomas Moloney, alongside his father Jim, has been steering the family business through the evolving landscape of Irish agriculture for over six decades.
9 May 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
How FRS fencing and DURA² helped transform our home and farm
DURA² fencing provided John Paul Bennett and his wife Laura with a durable and environmentally friendly fencing solution for their home and farm.
25 April 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Upgrading barley yields with a new fungicide solution
Due to relentless wet weather, the spring of 2024 has proven to be an extremely testing time for growers.
19 April 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
Growing importance of North America for Irish dairy exports
Bord Bia’s market specialist for North America Maurice Power looks at developments in the US market.
18 April 2024 l2
Pump up your crops with VIXERAN®
VIXERAN®, a proven bacteria-based biofertiliser by Syngenta Biologicals, allows your crop to fix nitrogen (N) directly from the atmosphere. This improves nitrogen use efficiency on your farm.
16 April 2024 Advertisers' anouncements
There’s a future for palm oil in the dairy supply chain
If not palm, then what? Understanding the complex story of sustainable palm and the vital role it plays in supporting global conservation efforts, local economies and the dairy supply chain.
15 April 2024 Advertisers' anouncements